About Us

What is UI-SIG?

The Portland User Interface Special Interest Group is a group of internet, software and product development professionals who meet monthly to learn more about usability and user experience. Each month, we invite a company to present their Web site, product or application at our hands-on round table review meeting.

The group has been reviewing interfaces since Fall of 2001 by Frank Spillers, MS a leading Usability consultant, Cognitive Scientist and founder of Experience Dynamics. To date we have reviewed over 80 interfaces including financial web applications, healthcare websites, accessibility sites, kiosks, peer-to-peer applications, Human Resources web applications, education websites, web analytics applications, Intranets and products like GM’s OnStar, Intel’s Home Media Center, Drupal Content Management System and more.

The meeting offers a venue for guest companies to tap the minds and experiences of a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who focus on the user experience.

The group is attended by organizations including Xerox, Regence, Standard Insurance, Hewlett-Packard, ColumbiaSoft, First Tech Credit Union, Intel, American Airlines, Microsoft, GE Healthcare, WebTrends, US Bank and others in addition to user experience professionals in start-ups, advertising firms, Web design agencies and independent usability consultants.

Would you like a complimentary group usability review at our monthly meeting?

Contact Frank Spillers at (503) 978-9183 x100 or email Frank at admin [at] portlandusability [dot] com and get on our list for next month!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has an interest in understanding the strategic value of usability as relates to marketing and design strategy on your website, software application or product. The group is attended by senior managers, marketing, development, consultants and usability specialists.

Why people Attend--in their own words:

(based on a 2002 survey)

  • "Hear other opinions/perspectives on user interface design".
  • "Insight into good user design techniques & principles".
  • "We as a company were able to have completely unbiased feedback provided to us on how our website did, or did not portray the messages and capabilities we hoped it did".
  • "Good case studies".
  • "We received multiple suggestions from pros regarding how we can improve the usability of our site".
  • "Our website was being evaluated. The comments gave us a fresh perspective on our site".
  • "There was a lot of feedback and interaction, which meant that even if only 1/2 of it was new and only 1/2 of that was "good" - it was still worthwhile".
  • "It's always good to see how different people analyze the same problem and learn from the different approaches. Also, meeting other local individuals in the UI field has been good".
  • "Hands-on education about website usability, using a live example and a room full of knowledgeable folk".
  • "Networking and collegial discussion".
  • "It gives me an opportunity to check my thoughts against others in a collegial environment".
  • "Range of opinions is good. People sharing knowledge. Variety of projects reviewed".

Previous websites, applications and products we have reviewed include:

  • Ecommerce websites
  • Healthcare information website
  • Healthcare products and services sites
  • Local government information websites
  • Linux software application
  • Content management tool
  • Human Resources legal information website
  • Accounting management application
  • Telematics automotive interior
  • Environmental products and services site
  • CD-ROM
  • Video streaming services website
  • Education website
  • Professional organization site
  • Oil company intranet site
  • Disability and Accessibility information site