How it Works

There are 5 basic rules to our meeting that have kept us successful and relevant:

  1. Learning orientation — both guest companies and members learn from the interaction.
  2. Peer environment — the meeting is informal and offers a chance to compare what you know to your peers.
  3. Open and informal — you can either contribute or listen. Of course, it’s nicer to hear from everyone.
  4. No pitches — this is a professional meeting, there is no pitch for any product or service. (Email sign—ups are used only to remind you of meetings).
  5. Easy access — the meeting is free for guests and members! No formal membership requirements are necessary. What we all get out of these meetings is learning.
  6. Note: The meetings are held online using screen sharing and a phone conference line.

(The meeting is sponsored by Experience Dynamics. If you’d like to sponsor or contribute, get in touch).

What to expect:

  • Guests request to have their website, application or product reviewed by the group.
  • The guest company chooses 3 tasks to review.
  • The group spends 90 minutes reviewing the business objectives and tasks.
  • From the group review, the guest gets a free usability review (called a Heuristic Evaluation) and the group gets to learn from peers and sharpen their skills.

Next step: Guests can express interest in having their product reviewed by filling in the form on the top right of this page. Since our meetings are now online, guests are welcome from anywhere in the United States or Internationally.