Our Guests

The following companies have participated as guests-- they have offered their Websites, applications or products to be reviewed by our group.

iPhone application social networking

Health information in-store kiosks

Requirements gathering software

Viiv Media Center home entertainment system

Open Source content management system

Social web browser

Peer-to-Peer file sharing software

Web Analytics-online marketing

OnStar automotive telematics display

Web analytics application dashboard

Web analytics application dashboard

Human Resources Web site

3D drug design software

Healthcare website

Accessibility (section 508) website

Technology website

Higher Education website

Retail website

Professional organization website

Technology product website

Technology website

Medical Content Provider website

Document Management software and website

Student Portfolio websites

Intranet Usability

Web Application site tools

E-commerce Website

Online Social Network & Reputation Management Web Application

Human Resources management Web Application

E-commerce Website

Online Collaboration & Productivity Application

www.gallup.com Polling data & consulting

Nonprofit website

Advanced Science and Technology applied learning (Univ of Nebraska)

Health and fitness website

Ecommerce sports clothing website