Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it cost to join?
A: Nothing. There is currently no cost to guest companies or to member reviewers. This group is offered as a community service by usability consultancy Experience Dynamics.
Q: If I present my product, am I going to get “grilled”?
A: No, I hope not. We trying to be gentle while at the same time delivering”sugar-free” advice.
Q: How do I know if my product is suitable for the group?
A: Contact us and we will let you know, with no obligation. We will determine if there is “enough” for us to evaluate.
Q: What kind of products are suitable?
A: Potentially any: Small or large, complex or niche domain. If you are a small company or “weekend entrepreneur” with an application you want feedback on, that is fine. If you are a major corporation and you need to evangelize or get insight to propel your usability efforts internally that is fine too.
Q: Who attends these meetings?
A: Anyone interested or involved in the user experience. We have senior, junior and executive level usability and business people. We also have a good mix of corporate, small business, entrepreneurial and academic participants.
Q: Why do you hold these meetings?
A: We love learning. Expertise comes from continuous learning and real-world application of knowledge and skills. It’s also fun to evaluate a product that has real consequences, and at the same time does not require in-depth commitment. Many member contributors attend in order to leverage an insight that they may take back to their usability and design meetings the next day (and apply the learning).
Q: Who hosts the group?
A: Frank Spillers, MS, a recognized usability expert and usability consultant, based in Portland, Oregon USA. Frank acts as the meeting leader, but the flow of the meeting is driven by the group or peer reviewers.
Q: Why is the group called the Portland User Interface Special Interest Group?
A: We started the meetings and for 6 years hosted the meetings in-person, most recently at the Standard Insurance building in Portland, Oregon USA. Due to travel schedules and also to include those interested in attending who do not live in Portland, we decided to host the meetings online.

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